"We believe that quality speaks for itself. Fast-fashion brands aren't our competitors.
Wadolow by M.
  stands for customer confidence."

In 2019 when I came to the USA from the heart of Europe, Poland, my plan was simple: to learn English, gain experience, travel and return home after one year. Everything changed when at the beginning of my adventure I met my husband and fell in love... 

Almost two years later I rediscovered my childhood hobby, sewing. I began to design and even wear my own projects (mostly made of natural silk), which was very exciting! Receiving complements and encouragement I realized that there will never be a better moment to start what I've always wanted to do and decided to start my own small business. With passion, love and attention to every detail. 

Our brand collaborates with small manufactories that produce their own silk from the very beginning and hand-made creations of my design - different from most products on the market, which are often too tight, too loose or simply uncomfortable. 

We set by default ecological packaging to help save our beautiful planet. However you have always a choice to pack your purchase for a special occasion which we would love to assist with.

I wish you a pleasant use of our natural silk pieces. 

With love, M.