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Protect what you love!

Durable, high quality laundry bag. No, it won't tear up after a few washes! We designed our bags for your comfort and confidence. Moreover, it contains a short step-by-step instruction printed on it, so you always know how to take care of your precious pieces!

Use this little item to protect your delicate silks from damage while cleaning in washing machine. It's quite roomy! - you can fit in two king size pillowcases, two sleep masks and even a few scrunchies! Of course, please keep in mind, the more loose inside, the better washing results. :) 

Premium finish holds the slider in place, so it doesn't open when washing. Any sharp edges inside are nicely hidden. Safe for the most delicate laces, bras and metal/plastic elements of your lingerie that you want to protect from the washer drum.

Mesh Wash Bag/Laundry Bag

    • Size: 15"x 11.5"
    • Fine mesh fabric
    • Zipper closure secured with elastic
    • Color white with black&beige elements
    • Letters are permanent - will not peel off
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